Now You See My Fists


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In memory of Kelly Thomas and every victim of police brutality whose abusers are never punished for their heinous crimes.

Recorded, mixed, mastered by J. Sebastiano at Dirty Laundry Studios in Watervilet, NY


Justify your murder by the badge on your chest
Innocent man, brutally beaten, laid to rest
This is America now, better think fast
Or two fascist cops will break your fucking neck

No matter how much you beg and plead
Even class wars have casualties (x2)

Get away with murder because you are a cop
Kelly Thomas said, please, sir, stop
The baton kept raining down on his face
Fullerton police are a fucking disgrace

Imagine a world where cops had to face their fucking crimes
Every jail would be full of piggies doing time
Instead armed criminals roam our street
Looking for whoever the law tells them they can beat

No matter how much you beg or plead
Even class wars have casualties

*Fuck the police*

Don't you see what's happening here
The criminals are not who we have to fear
Better fear the boys in blue
Or like Kelly Thomas they'll fucking kill you

Fucking kill you, fucking kill you, fucking kill you...


released January 19, 2014
Timmy B - Vocals
J. Sebastiano - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Backup vocals




VURT Albany, New York

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